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Thursday, October 7th 2021.

In a small case study, researchers found that isoorientin, a compound isolated from kudzu root, is capable of boosting antioxidant levels and reducing inflammation in mice with swollen paws. According to a 2019 animal study, kudzu root may also help regulate blood sugar levels by inhibiting PTP1B, a diabetes-related protein. Currently, commonly prescribed anti-drinking drugs such as disulfiram , naltrexone , and acamprosate , cause several side effects. For example, drowsiness and headaches are common side effects of Antabuse. Studies of daidzin may lead to an anti-drinking drug for alcohol treatment that causes fewer side effects. They are now studying a single large dose before a planned drinking session to see if it works, too. During the week of puerarin treatment, they drank slightly less than during the placebo week — three drinks a day compared to 3.4. However, studies looking at the effects of kudzu extracts have produced mixed findings, Penetar says. Penetar DM, Teter CJ, Ma Z, Tracy M, Lee DY-W, Lukas SE. Pharmacokinetic profile of the isoflavone puerarin after acute and repeated administration of a novel kudzu extract to human volunteers. Lukas and Lee hold a patent for kudzu extract to treat alcohol abuse and dependence.

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Tequila is considered a healthier choice than other alcoholic drinks because it has less sugar and calories. Unlike most distilled spirits, tequila also has low levels of impurities like methanol or fusel oil when consumed in reasonable amounts.

The most popular forms available appear to be powdered drink mixes, capsules, disintegrating tablets, and liquid extract drops. The kudzu plant resembles poison ivy, so it’s important to know how to identify it correctly. Whether you are early in your career or a seasoned professional, McLean has resources to support you through a lifetime of helping patients succeed. Call us today to find the mental health care that’s right for yourself or your loved one.

Kudzu Recovery: Overview of Kudzu

Additionally, Lin et al. also showed that daidzin, are efficacious in lowering blood alcohol levels and shorten sleep time induced by alcohol ingestion in rat models of alcoholism. Furthermore, other isoflavonoids found in Kudzu were also evaluated by Lin et al. . When given orally to Sober House P rats at a dose of 100 mg/kg/day, daidzein, daidzin, and puerarin decreased ethanol intake by 75%, 50%, and 40%, respectively without negative effects on overall water consumption. In fact Lin et al. suggested the anti- craving effects of these compounds may be due to CNS mechanisms.

The key to beating alcohol dependence is to control the craving to drink. Drive through the countryside anywhere in the southern United States and you’re likely to see vines of kudzu smothering trees, shrubs, telephone poles, old cars, and anything else in their path. Americans consider it an invasive weed, but in Asia, where it originated, parts of the plant have been used for centuries to treat alcohol dependence. Suppression of alcohol intake after administration of the Chinese herbal medicine, NPI-028, and its derivatives. Natural therapies could help reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms. It also cut the number of heavy drinking days and increased the number of days they didn’t drink at all. Taking kudzu will not turn an alcoholic into a nondrinker overnight. Nor will it drastically enhance your quality of life after the first dose. However, if you want to cut down on drinking or detoxify your body during alcohol withdrawal, kudzu may be able to help.

Results of Puerarin Treatment

The medications approved for treating alcohol abuse and dependence don’t work for everyone, he says. Overstreet DH, Lee DY-W, Chen YT, Rezvani AH. The Chinese herbal medicine NPI-028 suppresses alcohol intake in alcohol-preferring rats and monkeys without inducing taste aversion. “Investigators may not be willing to take the extra steps that might be necessary to conduct such a study,” such as extracting the critical isoflavones from kudzu and partnering with clinical researchers, Overstreet says. In this small patient population, kudzu root appeared to be no better than placebo in reducing the craving for alcohol or promoting sobriety. Kudzu extract treatment does not increase the intoxicating effects of acute alcohol in human volunteers. There’s some evidence that acupuncture, mindfulness, and meditation help during AUD treatment. Some herbal remedies, including kudzu, ashwagandha, and milk thistle, could support your recovery, too.
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One animal study found that isoorientin, a compound isolated from kudzu root, boosted antioxidant levels and reduced inflammation markers in mice with swollen paws . Kudzu root is rich in antioxidants, compounds that protect cells from oxidative stress that can lead to disease. The isoflavone puerarin is the most abundant antioxidant compound in the kudzu vine . This article examines the benefits, uses, and potential side effects of kudzu root. Findings show that subjects who took kudzu drank an average of 1.8 beers per session, compared with the 3.5 beers consumed by those who took a placebo. A 2012 study on the kudzu species Pueraria mirifica suggests that doses of 50 to 100 milligrams of kudzu root per day have a low risk of negative side effects. There’s some evidence that kudzu root supplements may cause liver injury, but more research needs to be done on this topic. One study in mice found that kudzu vine extract had a positive effect in the treatment of liver damage by boosting the natural antioxidant system. Kudzu root can also be a natural option to treat inflammation.

Side effects of kudzu root

This might increase the risk of methotrexate side effects. Estrogens can decrease how quickly the body breaks down caffeine. Decreasing the breakdown of caffeine can cause jitteriness, headache, fast heartbeat, and other side effects. Some birth control pills include ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel , ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone (Ortho-Novum 1/35, Ortho-Novum 7/7/7), and others. Under the right growing conditions, it spreads easily, covering virtually everything that doesn’t move out of its path. Kudzu was introduced in North America in 1876 in the southeastern U.S. to prevent soil erosion. But it spread quickly and overtook farms and buildings, leading some to call to kudzu “the vine that ate the South.”

Keung WM, Lazo O, Kunze L, Vallee BL. Daidzin suppresses ethanol consumption by Syrian golden hamsters without blocking acetaldehyde metabolism. The room contained a small sink with an under-the-counter refrigerator where the beverages were kept.


It’s best to speak with your healthcare provider to determine whether kudzu root could interact with any medications you’re taking. For instance, it may reduce the effectiveness of birth control due to its estrogenic effects . While kudzu root may offer a few specific benefits, there are also some potential downsides to consider. People often eat different parts of the plant raw, sautéed, deep-fried, baked, or jellied. Today, the most popular ways to use kudzu root are as an herbal supplement or a root tea. And so after that week of treatment, when they came to the lab, we measured their drinking using a very specialized table that we had developed that actually has a scale built into it.

Importantly, 40% of these patients relapsed more than five times indicating serious problems with alcohol abuse/dependence. Certainly we caution any real interpretation which must await further study. “It is also possible that there is another, as yet undiscovered compound in the mixture that accounts for the effects. Thus, the mechanism of action of the kudzu extract remains unknown.” The kudzu root may interact with certain medications or pose other health risks for certain people. Therefore, it’s always best to consult kudzu extract for alcoholism your healthcare provider before taking it. You can find kudzu root supplements easily online and in a variety of natural food or supplement stores. A small case report involving 16 people with frequent cluster headaches found that kudzu root reduced headache intensity in 69% of people, frequency in 56%, and duration in 31% . Some health companies sell the kudzu root species Pueraria mirifica as a supplement for menopausal and postmenopausal women. People have used kudzu root in Eastern medicine for many years.

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